Saturday, 10 October 2015

The continued success story

I doubt I'll get used to being successful

My concept of success 
 Despite the undisputed success of my e-book Forgestriker (183 sales - $123), and to a lesser extent the series (361 sales - $235), I don't class myself as a success. You can see from my article that the vast majority of both sales, and income, come from this e-book. While the book has been an unprecedented success, the series as a whole has not fared well.

This month's sales have already increased the success of Forgestriker's presence, as she leads Sons of Baal 3:1. 

For me to consider the view of being a success, I would need to have a more general sales pattern with an increase in overall sales. 

However, I doubt I will ever be able to accept that I am a success, even if the improbable did happen - the reason being that I am not used to things going to plan.

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