Friday, 30 October 2015

The bigger issue

The day has arrived
 This week I have been forced to accept that I can be classed as a bestseller. I haven't sold many e-books other than my series but, the series has made nearly 600 sales in its 18-month lifespan.  

I have never considered myself as a bestseller because although the sales are regular, only Forgestriker - the book - has done well.  

I have heard from friends who are #indieauthors, and few have done as well as I have to date. My sales haven't been dramatic, but they are regular.

The chapter of my life at Bookrix is something I filed in the "wastebin" of experience. I was on the German site for little under six months, and for most of the time I was under attack from members of an elite section. 

The reason - I was becoming too popular, and influential for members of the group to accept, mainly because the elite spent most of their time deriding my work. I never promised favours, all I did was give my help - freely - and try to enhance the work of the younger members; some of whom are good writers. 

The story of these talented writers is a sad story. These young writers are being held back by their desire to please the elite group - most are mediocre writers at the best - I know because I beat them in a writing contest off Bookrix. 

In the elite group are some excellent writers, the problem they suffer is the need to satisfy the required ego-boost from one member of their clique. She can never be seen to be outshone by her friends, and as such their talents get wasted.

I was not afflicted with the desire to satisfy this power hungry lady; that is why her group hounded me for several months, to the point I almost quit writing. The group is so insidious; some openly attacked me - despite this being against the site rules - when you are the elite you don't need to obey the rules. Other members dropped less than subtle hints while the sick-minded attacked me in private.

In the end, I had no choice but to leave the site. I dreaded signing online for hate emails I received were making me ill. These attacks happened only a few years ago; you see you don't have to be a schoolchild to suffer bullying.

Facebook 2012
The contest was run on Facebook by a friend of the leader of the group, the backers were her publishers. I didn't want to enter, having witnessed the Win at any cost philosophy of one person involved. Against my better judgement, I did join and beat several of the elite group in an Open contest; if the contest had been on Bookrix, there is no way the lady I beat would have lost. She was - and probably still is - the darling of the admin and could get away with breaking the rules.

That is all behind me
I put those days in a dark cupboard, locked the door and threw the key away. I did consider re-joining the site, to watch how this lady reacted to me after I beat her - she could no longer claim to be a better writer than me - in front of her friends, in an open, public writing venue I beat her. That knowledge was my solace for many months. 

I don't need my crutch anymore; I may not be making a lot from writing but one thing I do know - I am outselling my critics - and for that I can thank you, my readers.

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