Friday, 2 October 2015

TGIF again

Another week in the life of this writer

TGIF  again
Another week is behind me, and although I did more than last week it wasn't as much as I would have liked to do. 

I started to re-edit my award-winner Chronicles of Mark Johnson; in preparation for the combined trilogy I was going to call Mark Johnson's quest.Then, I changed my mind - after all - this month is the third anniversary of the award, and book 1 still hasn't sold since the award. I will write book 3 in the series, only for my good friend Ruth.

The best of times.
The last quarter has seen my sales rise from the depths and soar to new heights.

Three months ago my sales hit rock bottom, and I was close to throwing the towel in - nothing has changed in that respect. 

Last month saw new highs in sales not only for my e-books at Barnes & Noble but my best seller Forgestriker, the book sold more in the month than my Amazon bestseller has in over three years. 

Despite the great strides I'm taking; I still feel unfulfilled because out of all my collection, only Forgestriker is doing well. I was pleased to see my ghost stories starting to sell finally. 

A novel idea. 
 Some time ago, several friends asked if I'd thought of writing a novel? At the time, I hadn't as my stories were limited to about 3,500 words - too many writing contests entered - the 40,000 wordage appeared well beyond my capability. After combining the various stories for Chronicles, I found I had almost written a book of novel length.

 Although I never got to write an e-novel, I did write the e-novella A Sailor's Love. The book took 14 months to write and is yet to sell. 

I would have liked to attempt a novel, but the lack of interest in my previous stories dissuades me. I know I can write the length needed, and keep the interest in the story strong, A Sailor's Love was closed off at around 35,000words, not because the story ended, because I thought after 14 months of living the story I didn't think it was worth progressing. I could have gone on a lot longer - and I had plans for a sequel - the lack of interest in the book confirmed my thoughts.

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