Saturday, 24 October 2015


Keeping faith is hard 
It's a long road that has no turning - goes the adage.  And it is a truism. 

That faint light that shines dimly in the back of our mind telling us we were good - once. 

 In 2012, I was robbed of a third place in a writing contest. A position that would have given me an opportunity to prove my worth as a writer. My only solace is that I beat my harshest critic in that contest; little consolation for what I lost, but it kept me going for months. 
 Later that year, my e-book Chronicles of Mark Johnson received an award from a US non-profit organisation designed to boost the work of indie writers. Although I won the award, the book hasn't sold since. My consolation is I did write an award-winner once.

 The title book in my series is a phenomenal hit, but the rest of the series has failed badly. My consolation is the success of one book in a series of several.

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