Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Over with Kobo

Another chapter ends
Four years ago, I signed on with Kobo, and this week I'll end my connection with the main site link. 

 Since joining Kobo, their page is now available via my page on Draft2Digital. D2D has become my selling platform. 

Over the four years on Kobo, I sold fewer books than most months on Draft2Digial in most months. The D2D link formed last year has yielded almost as many sales as my total on the main link. 

Barnes and Noble 
Via my Draft2Digital link to B&N, I estimate approximately 85% of the sales I make are on Barnes and Noble.

 My sales on Amazon are so insignificant as not to matter; on a good month, I may sell an e-book. 

Sales on Apple are little better than Amazon, but most of the movement on Apple is for freebies I used to give away.

Final act 
 The reason for closing this link is that this week I am having to buy my books, so I can get some money from my sales on Kobo.

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