Saturday, 24 October 2015

No threepeat

I had hopes
 This is the award my story Sea Ghosts received in the 2012 writing contest on Facebook

If you're wondering, why I haven't shown the medal before. This is only a medal for having the third most talked about story in the contest. I was robbed of being third placed in the contest by a vindictive lady, who rigged the contest. 

This month, I had hopes for a three-peat with a third month of 20 sales, that is very unlikely now. I would have to equal the sales of the first three weeks of the month in the final week of the month, to have a chance of reaching 20 sales. 

 There is a hope of another three-peat, Forgestriker - the book - needs two sales in the last week to achieve a triple-play of months with 10 sales. 

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