Friday, 9 October 2015

It's a long way

I am not overly bothered 


Amazon ratings
 I do keep an occasional watch on my Amazon rating, in the forlorn hope that one day an e-book will sell, but I don't hold out any hopes. 

It's hard to recall a time when my ratings didn't keep falling. Back in 2012 I had a rating in the 20,000 to 30,000 for Kindle. Then I made what turned out to be a fatal error. I enlisted my award-winning e-book Chronicles of Mark Johnson in a KDP free weekend promotion scheme; not only did this scheme kill the ratings of my book, it destroyed my overall ratings. 

While some people I knew at the time had mass publicity, this weekend and the one I took part in two months later did nothing for me. 

 Despite the continuing non-sales at Amazon and Kobo, I'm not too concerned. I do the majority (80%) of my sales through Barnes & Noble.

 I was told by a Canadian friend that if my sales had been on Amazon, I would be classed as a Canadian bestseller. Ironically, the only sales I have in Canada are on the Toronto-based site Kobo.

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