Friday, 23 October 2015

Halloween scares

All Hallows Eve
Halloween, traditionally a time for ghosts, vampires and all kinds of scary things to emerge into the land of the living. 

Who better to get your scares from than me? I did make my reputation, formerly, as a ghost story writer. 

The Peacock Writers
 The cover at the top of the page is from a book by We are a childrens' charity group, any sales from this book will go to various children's' groups - the writers and designers don't get anything from these books, other than the pleasure of giving our time to a worthy cause. This book contains the family version of my most popular ghost story - The Old Church ghosts - this has been read many times on my blog.

Old Church Ghosts 

This selection contains all three published versions of my story; there is also available, my original story The picture shown is the church of St. Andrew, Clevedon. Known to locals as Old Church, as it is the oldest church in Clevedon, dating back to Saxon times. This is the church in the story. 

Ghost of St. Mary's 
Not all my ghost stories are scary, my UK bestselling ghost story is a story of a young girl trying to find her peace.

Other ghosts
Apparitions occur in many of my stories, from the scary story of the Yorkshire pirate, John Andrew, in the prize-winning Sea Ghosts. To the ghosts of former policemen helping murder inquiries in The Dockland Murders, Ghosts of your past and Haunted by her past - the Pat Canella cold case selection. This collection is praised for its authenticity by a former police sergeant from Queensland, Australia.

The ghost in my story The Rocking Lantern is sent to warn sailors about being greedy. At the end of the story there is a storm, the storm did take place, and cost over 50 men their lives.

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