Thursday, 22 October 2015

Better than Word

I have been asked for an appraisal of the Grammarly software. 

Online there are many comparisons between the sites Microsoft WordGinger, and Grammarly. Many of these reports will tell you the software is much of a likeness. I can say, the software is very different. 

I cannot compare Ginger, as I have not used it. I can show that over the last three months my work - and grammar - have improved considerably by using Grammarly. 

One of my flaws is the misuse of commas. I tend to either put too many in or not in the right places. With Grammarly, this is easily rectified. Another bugbear of mine is the use of colons, and semi-colons, with the use of Grammarly I am getting abler to write fluently. 

Each week the site sends me a progress report, the report judges my writing not only on grammar but the originality of style. While you write the software rates your grammar on a scale of 1 to 100, I usually upload pieces of work that average in the high 70% area. 

Uploading work is easy, and you have to be careful though. While it uses most of the usual page settings, Grammarly won't accept Gdocs. If you prefer, you can always copy and paste the work onto the site.

Like many of us, I used Word because it is Microsoft's product, and the PCs are familiar with the software. This familiarity with the Word software leads people to assume Word is the software to use. In the course of using Word, I found many flaws. Word is happy to tell you that your grammar is wrong, but not what is wrong, or how to correct your writing. 

Grammarly will not only tell you what you did wrong but in easy to understand terms it explains the problem. With the ease of a right-clicks you can solve your issues, gone are the endless hours of trying to appease Word and not knowing where you are going wrong.

The new software will also let you find out if you are becoming too lengthy in your sentences, and it will suggest how to cut long passages into shorter sentences. 

In the honest opinion of this writer, Grammarly is far superior to Word and well worth the cost you pay to buy the software.

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