Friday, 25 September 2015


Another week 

Another week without writing 

How things have changed 
 A few years ago at the height of writing my award-winner Chronicles of Mark Johnson; the thought of doing this would have driven me mad with boredom - I haven't written anything for weeks. What is worse, I don't care about not writing anymore. The fire that once burned so fierce has burned out.

 Today, I deleted my last Facebook author page, I'm also thinking of not blogging anymore - after all this blog will be read by 30 people at the most.

I am considering going offline, not for a break, and not coming back

The wait 
 I was told it can take up to ten years to get recognised; I keep being told I write good stories, and I'm selling well. In that case, why do I feel so depressed? I put it down to the fact that although I appear to be selling well - on the surface - only one book (Forgestriker) has sold well. All the other 30+ books have sold badly, at the best.

 I should be pleased with selling 21 e-books again this month, and that my ghost stories are finally selling but I feel empty. Something vital has gone and I don't think it will come back. 

I made a big impression with the first books in the Forgestriker series, but nothing else is selling. 

I've reached a wall so high I can't see over it. All I see is the putridly low number of readers of this blog compared to the vast amount of links available online.

To paraphrase my world - why the hell am I writing? - nobody will read what I write, and I no longer give a monkey's if they do.

My plans 

Projects in WIP 
 I started the year with plans for so many e-books. In the end, I lost the urge to write through family issues, health problems and other items which constantly interupted my days. I soon reached the point when I lost interest in writing. 

 I did start a few projects but I thought what am I doing this for, the only e-books selling are my science fiction and only the first in the Forgestriker series. Akuji was to have been the sequel to my Amazon bestseller Did we see him? This story was set in Africa in the 1930's.

 This was intended to be my attempt to get a book selling in the fantasy genre. However, the story started to get away from me. At the moment the word count is in excess of 25, 000 words and I haven't joined the sections together. This story is one of a number that have been shelved.

A few months ago my friend, and editor, Julia asked me how many stories had I written. Although I only have 30, or so, e-books for sale on AmazonBarnes & Noble, Draft2Digital, and Kobo each book usually contains several stories. Including unpublished stories I estimated the total to be in the region of 350 stories. That was about three months ago, the total is still the same today.

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