Saturday, 12 September 2015

Sea Ghosts

A three-year wait 

Sea Ghosts

Sea Ghosts 
 Three years ago my story The Lost Ship came fourth in a Facebook writing contest. It should have been third, but a vengeful lady rigged the contest and pushed me out of the top three. Two friends who finished in the top three got writing offers; I was left in the wilderness. The cover has changed in its three-year history, the original was done by my friend Jamie Moody.
The cover at the head of the article is the one on sale at Amazon The title on the cover at the head is a work in progress, a story which will continue the story of the Prospero's crew.

 The story is a fictional story about a true Yorkshire pirate called John Andrew, His ghost still haunts the inn he ran for over 30 years in Saltburn-on-the-Sea, North Yorkshire. The Ship Inn is also haunted by the ghost of his four-year-old who died of diphtheria. 

The Love of the Sea 
 When the contest ended I was asked by one of the judges for a copy of the story. For a gift, I put in the original short version of The Love of the Sea. This was the start of a long journey for this story, as it went through changes from a 500-word short to a novella length story which took 14 months to complete. 

A Sailor's Love
 On the journey from a short to a novella, the story was transformed into a 1,500-word blog for a former friend, who asked if I'd thought of writing a novel.

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