Friday, 18 September 2015

Old Memories

WW2 memories

My book covers 

Angie Priest 
 To people who've read this blog for a while; you'll recall my early covers were done by my friend Angela Priest. In recent times the covers have changed from colour to black and white, this is because I'm using my stock of photographs. 

RAF Kelstern 
 The photo on the header of this post was taken at RAF Kelstern, in the September of 1944, in the months before he was posted to RAF Poona, India. There was a little-known incident at the end of the war when the armed forces rioted

 This photo has become the starting point for a new sci-fi story involving hidden government secrets, and a virus unearthed after being buried for decades.
 Many of my stories come from my memories, some are pure fiction and others are fiction based on fact, such as Did we see him? The story of the disappearance of Lord Percy Fawcett on his last trip up the Amazon.

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