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My way

I don't follow

The end of the line

Regrets - I've had a few
 The opening headline says it all. When I started writing I told myself I wouldn't be a follower of trends; I wished my voice to be heard. I didn't want to be a copy of another writer.

My way 
When every writer was churning out copies of Twilight, I brought out my Amazon best-seller Holding Richmond. This story dubbed by me as the anti-Twilight harks back to the German classic horror film of the 1920's- Nosferatu. My vampires are not young, nor are the written to be sexy. 
 As time went on, I ignored the Harry Potter craze and brought out my award-winner Chronicles of Mark Johnson. A story of a man fighting demons, while fighting his inner demons. I thought a deep story with a lot of character development would sell; I was wrong. To me, it appears readers only want cheap mass produces pulp with little depth of characters.

Pat Canella 
 A series was based in the 1940's and written in the style of Micky Spillane. Despite praises from a former police officer from Queensland, this was another series that sank without trace. 

50 shades of grey
 I was never one to write cheap porn, and pass it off as erotica. Ignoring the craze for 50 shades was an easy option for me. I did write two erotic romances - Sexual Explosions 1 & A Sailor's Love - as the title said Sexual Explosions 1 was intended for a short series but it never sold, and I canned the series. I had planned a sequel to A Sailor's Love, but you can't write a sequel if the original didn't sell. I tried that with Wharfemere Finale. The sequel to Chronicles was intended to get interest in the original, but both failed to sell.

My tenet 
 I said I would live, or die by my work at the beginning of the journey. I kept my word and tried to avoid being a copy. Other than the  Forgestriker series most of my e-books failed.

Would I have sold more? 
 That is a question I'll never be able to answer. With the success of Forgestriker, I think I'd have sold a lot more e-books if I'd followed the trends and jumped on the gravy train. My thinking is you can only milk the cash cow so much, and then she dries up - do you remember 2012? Do you remember all the book coming out about the Mayan calendar and the end of the world?Where are they now? 
It IS true, many writers who hit the pay dirt that year have since gone on to make money but if you know me, I don't jump on the train. I would rather sink knowing I did my work than float knowing I was a copy.

 2012 will be known to me as my almost year. 
 I almost won a writing contest on Facebook. I almost had a chance of work coming from the contest - others in the top 3 did well. I almost signed a contract with Horny Devil Publishing House - we had different ideas on erotica - their idea turned my stomach (basically, if it's legal, it's legit).
 I'm not squeamish, my erotic romances do get steamy, but at all times the sex is part of the story, not the story.

The fat lady sings
 There is an opera saying The show isn't over until the fat lady sings; this goes back to the days when sopranos needed to be of a large frame to sing the final scene. For Mark, and Patti "Pat," and many stories you will not see, here she is!
 The singer is from the Ukraine, the song title Vissi d' Arte translates to I lived for art. The song isn't the finale to Tosca; the title suited my thinking. 

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