Saturday, 26 September 2015

Mark Johnson's quest

More of the same

Mark is set to return
Mark Johnson 
 Ex-photographer turned demon hunter Mark Johnson is set to return to the world of demons as he fights for his soul.

Mark Johnson's quest
 This book will contain edited, and upgraded versions of books 1 & 2 in the series, plus the new book 3, as yet in the WIP stage.

 Chronicles of Mark Johnson 
 The journey that began with the award-winning Chronicles of Mark Johnson. The story of why MJ became turned away from the glamorous world of celebrity gripped some readers. 

Wharfemere Finale 
 Book 2 in the series took Mark on a perilous journey in what has been described by one reviewer as a harrowing account of a man going through a mental breakdown. I am not surprised, book 2 was written as my escape from a very dark time in my life. The things that happened were an outlet for my dark inner thoughts. The book is so scary, it scared me, and I knew what was to come. 

 Mark Johnson's quest
 The third book is the series takes Mark on a journey to the dark side of his psyche. In this book, he undertakes the ultimate challenge, to tackle the evil witch in her spectral domain. The threat to his already fragile state of mind is so great his friends are worried he won't survive the battle of wills' and if he does what will he come back like? 
 Will the battle change Mark's personality, or will he save his soul? 
 I can't say yet, I go where the story tells me to go.

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