Sunday, 20 September 2015

In dreams

Keeping track

In dreams 
 My friends have been told that most of my stories come from my dreams. That includes the horrors in the award-winner Chronicles of Mark Johnson.

Several years ago, I started to make a list of dreams that I thought might make good stories. The idea arose after I had a dream that fitted this scenario, but when I tried to recall the dream a few days later, I had no luck. 
I have the list on file, how many of those ideas I think would work in retrospect is in doubt.My outlook has changed in the interim years.

Last night's dream 
 The first dream on the new list is about a man who has nightmares about strange powers, and mental images he can't recall. After visiting a psychiatrist, he learns some terrible things about his life in the ROYAL AIR FORCE. The story is a little like Never go back by Robert Goddard.

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