Monday, 14 September 2015


Why I don't join in

Facebook pages

 To some people, I may come across as rude for not "liking" pages, taking part in events, or joining Facebook groups - I have my reasons. 

 I have been in many groups - some of the most influential apparently - one thing I learned is what I call The nature of the beast. The larger the group, the more impersonal it becomes. I've been invited to groups where I got ignored because I wasn't a New York Times bestseller. 

 I've set up pages on Facebook to help my work and been ignored. I've had people ask where to get my books and then been ignored. Oh, I've read that comment so, so many times I now don't believe it - even if it was true.
 I've been in groups where the few did the work; while the many gained the advantage. I've been in groups where an elitist section tore apart the work of good writers to enhance their mediocre work - I beat one such person in a writing contest run by her friend. 

In essence, one thing I learned is that I am better off out of groups. I am tired of helping people who don't want to be kind enough to do a kindness and return a favour - after all how long does it take to do a few tweets?

 After being lied to for years, I have no faith in the internet. Of all the connections on the multitude of sites, this blog will be lucky to get read by 30 people.

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