Wednesday, 16 September 2015

El Ghosto

In the beginning

My reputation 
 In the years before I came to prominence with the award-winning Chronicles of Mark Johnson, or the hit sci-fi series Forgestriker; I had already created a fan base for my work. I wrote the stories for my friends with no intention of sales; the stories were ghost tales in the fashion of the Gothic Horror masters such as Edgar Allan Poe, Sheridan Lefanu, and M.R.James

Each story tells a story
 Each of the stories has its a story to tell beyond what I wrote. 
 Sea Ghosts

My story is fictional but is based on the life of a true pirate who lived in Yorkshire.  The ghost of John Andrew and the ghost of his daughter still haunt the inn he ran for over 40 years (the Ship Inn, Saltburn-on-the-Sea, Teeside). I wrote this story because I'm from Yorkshire, I love the sea, my family were fishermen in the North Sea for four generations.  Finally, I love old ghost stories.

Ghost of St.Mary's

 This story started out as a mystery. On the Scarborough shore is a set of ledges known as Sarah Moffet Rocks. The naming of the ledges intrigued me, ledges usually get a generic name i.e. The Needles, The Skerries. For a ledge to be named after a person, there has usually been a tragic happening in the area. 
 When I started the story, my intention was to give me something to do on a Sunday during the day before I went to a concert at the Scarborough Jazz Festival. Sunday's were always a drag, in the days when I used to book trips out, so giving myself something to do was important. As it turned out, I never got to the festival that year - or ever again - family issues came up, and I lost over £70 because I needed to cancel my trip.
 In the summer of 2010, I did make a return visit to Scarborough - this was the year after my friend Faye passed away. All that summer I pushed myself beyond my limits to try to prove I was worth something. I made the trip in late September - the time of the festival - the trip was made as a farewell to Faye, as I was unable to say my farewell in person - I couldn't afford the airfare to Canada. Faye lived in a town outside Edmonton, Alberta called Lac La Biche. The trip was also a personal farewell to my homeland, and I knew I'd never go back after 2010. Being disabled makes traveling very hard. 
In the summer of 2010, I was walking along the headland which overlooks the bay at Scarborough and I noticed an old church. Church history is fascinating to me, so I made the trip to visit the church of St. Mary's. The church is a shrine for Bronte' fans, Anne Bronte' is buried there. Looking around the church I found an old broken, unkempt, grave. This gave me the idea for my story.

Ghosts don't dance

 This story came from a time when I was on a German site called Bookrix, on the site are a group of people who everyone thinks are the best on the site. I beat their best in a writing contest on Facebook run by her friend's publishing house, in September 2011.
The idea for the story came from an idea by a group of my former friends. We were tired of the elitist style the site promoted and decided to write a selection of stories showing that their group was falling apart. They had the largest group on the site because most of the people never deleted their information. 
 The title refers to the fact that although there may appear a lot of people in the group; in reality, most are dead profiles kept alive only to maintain the group's high profile. 

Ghost Adventures
 I'm pleased the stories are selling, I enjoy the mass sales of the series - I'd be lying if I said I didn't. At the same time, I made my reputation as a writer of ghost stories and it pleases me they are selling. I have many more to come in the near future, so keep watching this space

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