Monday, 21 September 2015

6 Years at a glance

Ups and downs of a writer

A hard life

The last six years at a glance.

2009 - This was both a joyous, and a sad year. I visited my late friend, Faye, twice in the summer/ fall period. By the beginning of December, she had died - I'll always miss her smiling face.

2010 - This year, I shall remember as the year I made my last trip to Scarborough, and the year I realised I had to class myself as disabled. 

2011 - The year I started to sell my stories online at Amazon.

2012 - Despite being the year I got an award; I'll recall this year as The year of the Big Lie. By October, I had read enough comments from people asking where to get my work and then doing nothing - I didn't care - and I still don'. Don't ask where they are for sale they are on sale at Draft2Digital and Barnes & Noble. The year will also be recalled for the time when I was denied my chance of work by a jealous lady; she rigged a writing contest, so I would lose. In retrospect, not taking the chance of the contract with Horny Devil Publishing House was a good choice - I couldn't have written erotica all the time.

2013 - The year I almost died. Three times during the Christmas to New Year period I almost died in my sleep - including one time when I stopped breathing in my sleep. 

2014 - The year of Forgestriker. In February 2014, I launched the first book of the seven-book series - Sons of Baal. Later that month, I published my bestseller Forgestriker. 

2015 - This year has been The year of the endless wait. I am waiting for my right tendon to tear and leave me wheelchair bound.

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