Thursday, 10 September 2015

558 and rising

558 sales


 Before I go further I would like to thank my readers for the huge success of my series Without you, there would have been no series to write, your sales keep me writing. 

558 sales
 I realise I repeat myself on this point, and I apologise, you'd think after this length of time selling constantly, and with the vast sales I'd have got over the amazement of selling but I haven't. 

 I have many flaws, one isn't arrogance. I never hoped for this amount of success. I'd never read a lot of #scifi, and until last year I had never written any. My main reading was either History, Military history, Ghost stories, or Science. That explains why I had a reputation for writing good ghost stories; later I mixed my interest in science with my interest in the paranormal for the award-winning e-book Chronicles of Mark Johnson

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