Saturday, 8 August 2015

Will my series reach 600 sales?

600 sales 
 With constant sales for over 16 months, many would ask - shouldn't the question be when, not will it reach the sales figures?

I have no doubt the series has a good opportunity to reach its target. The problem lies with the latter books, while Sons of Baal, and Forgestriker thrived; and to a lesser degree Return of the Lost did reasonably well. The latter books in the series fared badly - even so - they out sold - my Amazon best selling books. The success of the early stories prompted me to write some stories about the men of the 7th Baalite Guard. I can only hope these will entice readers half as much as the series has, and not fail as badly as my award winning Chronicles of Mark Johnson, and its sequel Wharfemere Finale did. After the failure of my last novella - A Sailor's Love - I need a big book to succeed to boost my belief in my writing, nobody else worries about my ability.

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