Friday, 14 August 2015

Senator Warren

US Democratic Party
Working families 
 I wish the UK had a person like Senator Elizabeth Warren  @SenWarren She is not only educated, but willing and able to stand up for the rights of the working families struggling to make ends meet. 

 The Tories want us to stay in Europe, although we pay more than anybody to the upkeep of a selection of countries who despise the UK. 

 Lord help us if Labour get back in, we'll be handed over to either the EU criminals, or Islam. 

 I almost voted UKIP, but I disagree violently with their attitude to LGBT issues; people should be allowed to love who they want. Not be classed as evil if they don't love the opposite gender. After WW2, the then Labour minister of Health created the NHS to allow health care for the working classes. The UKIP want to abolish this system, and make health care exclusive to the wealthy.

 Nearly always a third party, the Libs are devoted to getting us further into debt with Europe. This as much as anything will keep them from power, there is a massive anti-Europe feeling in the UK.

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