Wednesday, 19 August 2015

No more pages

Facebook pages 
In three days time my FB author page will close, after this attempt to gain readers I won't try again. It appears to me the only way to get sales is to pay for likes on Facebook, or followers on Twitter I'm against both policies - I see no point in paying for a load of names of people who have no idea who I am, or what I do. Besides on $10 - yes that's what I make on a very good month - I can't afford luxuries. 

 I have become so disillusioned with the internet over the last year or two, I have gone from a constant blogger to a writer who couldn't care about his work. 

You may think this would harm my reputation, I ask you, what reputation? My sales on Amazon don't amount to one a month; none of my ghost stories sell, and my award winning e-book Chronicles of Mark Johnson Please, give me a break, three years and no sales -it's deader than the dodo. To be honest - I wish I hadn't written it.

 The one saving grace is my partially successful Science Fiction series You're probably wondering why I say it's a partial success with close to 600 sales in the series? The title book has sold almost half those sales; the opening book Sons of Baal sold half of the remainders, and the other five books hardly sold, and yet this series has spurred me to write more sci-fi.

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