Thursday, 6 August 2015

Mortem Septimo

The death of the 7th

Sons of Baal 
Sons of Baal 
 To readers of my popular series the men of the 7th Baalite Guard have I hoped become friends. 
 The news of their demise is not to be taken to heart too heavily, as some will die in the new book called Mortem Septimo, while new faces will emerge. After the planned actions, including a jail break - the new regiment will be known as Calderan 1st Group. 
Calderan 1st will be run on a guerilla group design, hitting fast and hard where the larger, more formal regiments, are unable to fight because of terrain. 
 Among the stories to be written are the stories of the retreat from Gameroom, the Friedland Campaign, and the notorious Operation Bolt. 
I hope to incorporate some new ideas into these stories as well as keeping the interest going for our comrades in the 7th.

 I am amazed at how many sales the series has amassed, and at such a constant rate of sales. I realise I may not get anywhere close to these sales figures again, but Forgestriker - the book - has sold over 250 copies, and the series is getting close to 600 sales.

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