Sunday, 9 August 2015

Have I been deceiving myself?

White Heat 
 The finale to the James Cagney film White Heat typifies how I feel. As the police officer said It blew up in his face.

Barnes and Noble 
I didn't mind when my books Sons of Baal and Forgestriker got hammered, at least they are selling Today I checked my books on Kobo, and got a terrible shock.

I have four reviews, the best of them say the work is mediocre - I never expected praises - at least I got more reviews on here than on Amazon, even if they are bad. 

 Since my school days, I've been told I'm a good story teller - it was this more than anything - which put me on the road to writing. Now, may be a good time to stop my work. Forgestriker is doing well, and people always tell you Go out at the top. I never made the top, but I had a good run.

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