Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Facebook author page V3


Author's pages

 Most authors say you need to have an author's page to be seen; I've had three blogs and several Facebook pages, and I have little expectations of them working; here is my latest venture

 I get told I need to pay for publicity. To an extent I agree, the more you pay, the better your chance of being noticed. However, here is my equation as an indie author. Twitter asks for a basic $5 for over 1,000 followers, at the moment I cannot count the number of people who follow people who follow me, and yet, this blog won't be read on Twitter - why pay for more followers? When the blog doesn't get read now. 
 Facebook is the same, pay for likes - why? 
 All you get is a list of people's names, who've never heard of you, or your work. Sure, you might get lucky (don't hold your breath). 

Indie author
 To give you a very good reason why - if you're still not convinced - I refuse to pay for the services. I only make $4 a week, on a good month, so $25 is the equivalent of 6 months pay, and for what? 

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