Sunday, 30 August 2015

Bank holiday 2009

Lac La Biche powwow
Northern Cree 

Lac La Biche 
 Six years ago, I had the pleasure of going to Lac La Biche powow. The local Native Americans from the Beaver Lake reservation put on various exhibitions on dancing, and arts. This was a tremendously exciting weekend for me, I had seen videos on line, and film, but never imagined I would be able to witness the event. 
 The dancing was the centre - for me - of the annual mayor's parade down main street, Lac La Biche. 
 Among the other shows wa the annual softball contest, and the water bombing display from the fire fighting aircraft. Most of the LLB planes flew off to British Columbia to fight the raging forest fires later in the week. One plane didn't return - the pilot was unhurt - but the plane was a total wreck.
 This wouldn't have been possible for me to see without the help of my late friend - who I'll always love, and miss - Faye Dupre, and her wonderful family.

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