Tuesday, 11 August 2015

An old friend

Biblical research

Possibly pre-1923
 For many years I have been trying to date a Bible I bought in a thrift shop. Today, I think I may have made a breakthrough.

Using terms printed in the maps at the rear, I think the Bible is pre-1923
My reasons are :- 
 Turkey isn't unified - that happened in 1923.
 Asia from India to the China is a blank, as is Russia. 
 I'm trying to track the date by attempting to create a time frame based on the names of countries, and areas mentioned; such as Jordan was noted as being populated by a tribe of nomads called Zuzims.
 Taking the other end of the time scale, the Bible can't have been printed later than 1927; the printers Eyre & Spottiswood Ltd merged with a London consortium in 1927, and ceased to use their name. 

Time frame
 If I was to be looking for an extreme age of the Bible, I would put it as late Victorian - 1873 - as the maps used show Africa as one country.
 A more reasonable estimate would be the early 1920s', a time full of mystery and adventure. If this is so, the time frame fits with my e-book based on the disappearance of Lord Percy Fawcett (Did we see him?). DWSH http://www.amazon.com/dp/B007T943OO is my Amazon.com second best selling e-book, and tells of one theory about his disappearance up the Amazon river. 
 The time frame also suits my new African adventure Akuji, which is almost a sequel, as DWSH is mentioned at the start of the story.

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