Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Why do I bother?

Was there a reason to my madness?

Facebook author page
 This month, against my better judgement I opened a new page on Facebook , in the insane hope it would raise my profile a little. 

 I didn't expect much, and I wasn't disappointed by the total apathy I received on line, despite being posted across Facebook, Twitter, and Tumbl'r to countless "followers of followers," the page is an unmitigated flop - again.

 I could pay for "likes" and "followers," but what is the point to doing that? All you get is a list of anonymous names of people who have no idea who you are, what you do, and couldn't care either way. 

Indie Author
 My concept as an #indieauthor is all outlay must be calculated against any income. If I'm paying out $25 for promotion, I need to guarantee some income, and I can't. To me as an #indie $25 constitutes over 4 months income on @Draft2Digital . If you want to calculate the cost on Amazon, it comes to more than 3 years income.

The long road
 It's been a long, hard road to get some recognition for my work; at times I thought it wasn't the worth the time and trouble - and still do - if it hadn't been for Draft2Digital & Barnes & Noble I doubt I would be where I am. I have earned a reputation for writing #scifi in the USA, and this has kept me going. 

 In all honesty, I cannot think why I re-opened a Facebook page, when all my other attempts failed as badly as this one appears to be doing -insanity or desperation - take your pick.

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