Saturday, 13 June 2015

Words with Friends



Words with friends
 Most nights I play the game Words with friends with my friend/editor Julia, who resides near Seattle. The game is like Scrabble, but played on the Ipad. We enjoy our contests of word knowledge very much, despite the vast differences in educational standards. In my youth I spent many nights sitting on my bed mixing the tiles, and became a moderately good player. I have played people on line before, and been forced to quit in anger, because the people insisted on using words no bigger than three letters. While this is permitted, it does close the game quickly. I do not consider I was beaten by those people; I was forced to resign by unfair tactics.

United States of America
 Over the last two or three years, I have been invited to a number of writing conferences in America. I am honoured to have been invited, but being disabled, and living in the UK, travel to America is not an option for me.

San Francisco
This morning I received an email from Words with friends inviting me to a contest. Unfortunately, the semi-finals and final are to be held in San Francisco. While it would be a wonderful experience to try my hand in an official contest, I am unable to go. I probably wouldn't have got to the semis, but it would have been nice to try. 
San Francisco has an interesting history, a history which would have provided some good input for my stories, as did my trips to Canada. I would have liked to visit Fisherman's wharf, as I come from a family of fishermen. I like to try various types of sea food, and this would have been a great opportunity to expand my taste.

Book covers
 Another aspect is I could use some of the photographs I took on the trip for book covers, most of the covers on my e-books are from my collection, that way there are no disputes over rights. I realise nice covers can help sell a book, and I have seen some lovely work. As an Indie author one of my main thoughts is weighing outlay against possible income from sales.

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