Sunday, 21 June 2015

Record are set to fall

My best month keeps improving

A big thank you to my readers

Without you
 I would like to thank all my readers for their support over the last 16 months, without you this would not have happened. I would probably have quit writing. At the time I wrote Sons of Baal, I was at my wits end. Sales on Amazon were next to nil - they still are - and joining Barnes & Noble was something I considered a long shot. Sometimes a Hail Mary works, as it did this year. I still can't grasp the massive sales figures (290+ books, and almost $200) for the period in question. I thought by now the series would be struggling, but both SoB and Forgestriker are going from strength to strength. 

Holding Richmond
 For over two years, HR has held onto two records - most sales in one day, and a month - the daily total of 6 is yet to be beaten, but the monthly total of 7 is set to fall, with both books on 7 sales this month, with over a week to go. One record I would like to see is for either book to sell 10 copies in a month. 

20 sale month
 Another record set to fall is my sales record for a month on B&N, the current record is 22, at the moment this month has 21. It would be great to get another 20 sale month next month, I doubt it will happen, this almost happened in 2013, when I had a 22 sale month followed by an 18 sale month.

 Not to forget in all this great news, it is my best month on Amazon in over two and a half years with 4 sales

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