Monday, 29 June 2015

My best month

Where do I stand?

A changing reputation

Ghost stories
In the beginning there was a time when I was noted for writing good ghost stories like The Ghost of St. Mary's, and The Old Church ghosts. This was a time of contentment, I had found a knack for writing stories people liked - even if they never sold.

 Years before the popularity of The Bridge, and The Killing I carved a name for myself in the world of the PI with a short series about a female PI called Pat Canella. Though the series came highly recommended by a former Australian policeman, despite a rush of sales when The Dockland Murders opened in the UK, it never caught on. 

The Peacock Writers

Not long after my PI stories started to get noticed, my good friend Paula Shene introduced me to the world of children's books, and our charity The Peacock Writers At this stage I hadn't written any children's stories. I have since written a few short stories about dragons (Drakanarc / Dracodreaming) and a short story about a young boy on holiday Johnny Cooper's Holiday. The stories were meant to kick start a new series, but again there was no interest.

Chronicles of Mark Johnson

To this day it's hard to reconcile myself with the fact I wrote this award winning story of an ex-photographer fighting demons, while fighting his own demons - but I did write the story. After Pat Canella this was my favourite series (at the time). Chronicles of Mark Johnson, and the sequel Wharfemere Finale got rave reviews from New York reviewer Fran Lewis, but again died on the vine. Part of the problem was the timing, they came out at the height of the Twilight craze. Another part is the story develops over the 16 stories in the two collections, strictly for fans of H.P. Lovecraft.

A Sailor's Love
 The book which took over 14 months to write, and is yet to sell. I lived, loved, and sweated the lives of the characters in my book - I usually do - and their fate was mine. Following on from the failures of the Chronicles series, this is my last novella. The death of this book caused me such pain, I stopped writing for several months. It is only this month that I feel comfortable again writing. I learned my lesson well, and the hard way- my novellas don't sell - stick to short stories.

 The science fiction series of 7 short e-books which became a massive success for me started as a last ditch attempt to save some value for my work, and it has. To date the sales of the series come to 523 e-books sold in 16 months, and over $200 earned. The title book has sold 244 copies and made over $100. 

My best month
 June has been beyond a doubt my best month, not only for sales - I hoped for 10 sales - I was pleased when the sales topped 20, elated at 25, but totally amazed when today they reached 30. This is way past my previous best of 22, in June 2014. 
Not only that, one of my personal hopes was to have an e-book sell 10 copies in a month - I never expected it to happen - but again my hit series came through. Last week Forgestrker passed the 10 sale mark, and tonight Sons of Baal is only one sale short of joining it, which would complete a great month for me.

My amazement never stops
Beyond the massive success of the series lies another piece of the puzzle as to my identity as a writer. Tonight my teen romance Debbie's Beau sold. This is a gentle mystery, but not a Nancy Drew. There is no violence, sex, or spooks, just an unsolved puzzle laying at the back of the story.

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