Friday, 12 June 2015

I couldn't stop myself

I was lost

I write, therefore I am
 I know I said I was finished with the blog, and at the time I said that I meant it. The truth is as a writer each day not writing was becoming not only more boring, but more painful. I have always had a great number of ideas for stories, rarely a day goes by when I don't think of an idea. 

Sales, and readers
 The two biggest factors to making my decision were the few sales of my e-books, and the few readers of the blog. Although my on line paper is thriving, this bears little fruit for me as it is a conduit to promote other papers. My Twitter page has had a dramatic increase in mentions, and readers this month, but again this has yielded little for me. 

Midsummer Dreams
 Over the next few months, various projects will be undertaken. I intend to close down the award winning Chronicles of Mark Johnson series, and bring to an end the stories of Pat Canella; probably with a fitting crossover plot. 
I have in mind a couple of stories which are not usually thought of as being in my field - there again - until last year I hadn't written any sci-fi, and look what happened.
One is a WW2 romance mystery thriller, and the other is a Heminwayesque relaxed look at life. 

 For lovers of my hit series there will be new stories coming out, and the possibility of a book as well as the e-books.

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