Sunday, 21 June 2015

How do I follow Forgestriker?

Unparalleled success

A rod for my own back

Forgestriker's success
 The opening books in the series have been an unbelievable success for me, and to a lesser the last four books did their part to- each book in the series has out sold Holding Richmond - my Amazon best seller. 

The aftermath
 I have no intention of attempting to match the success of the series. The success was as much a shock to me, ans to anyone- although many people believed I could do well. To imagine I could emulate the success of this hit series would be folly; I would like to think the success has garnered some interest in my other stories, and will promote further sales of my work . As always the work comes first, sales are an added bonus. I won't deny the sales kept me going when I felt like quitting.

The omnibus edition
I have plans for an extended version of the series, including two, or three new stories. The ending will probably be the lead to a new series of sci-fi stories in the new year. I hope to bring this edition out in both paperback, and e-book format.

 I have plans to continue with my fantasy story Mordhiemicus, a chapter sample called To Elfenere is already on sale, and comes highly praised by a lady with a BA in Medieval Studies. One hope for this story is to be published by 

Other projects
Also ongoing is the closure of two previous series which never caught on, despite one being an award winner, and the being highly praised by an ex-policeman. I, of course, mean  and . Yes, sad as it is to part with close friends, the Pat Canella series, and Chronicles of Mark Johnson will be wrapped up.
Not to worry, I have many ideas to write, including a follow up to my popular Steampunk mystery Did we see him? I'm also writing an African horror story called Akuji.

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