Saturday, 27 June 2015

Did I miss the chance?

Horny Devil Publishing House

Too little control
Horny Devil Publishing House
 Yesterday's post mentioned I had two book turned down by Oyster for being classed as erotica. One of the stories in question is Lana Pawcel's Sexual Explosions. I mentioned that three years ago I had a chance to get the story published, not self-published, that is true. Horny Devil Publishing House from Miami made the offer. 

Why did I turn the offer down
 After checking their requirements, I decided the house was NOT for me. Their remit is simple - Keep it this side of legal - while a little rough sex can be arousing, all the men in my erotic love stories respect the ladies, and will never revert to violence to turn them on. You could argue, if the lady wants to taste blood to get aroused, it's her choice; but I ask, where do you draw the line? From what I - and many others - perceived about this site, it is one tiny step from peddling cheap porn. 

Erotic romances
 While my erotic romance do get steamy, at all times the erotic element is a part of a larger story, not the story line. That is why I class myself as a writer of erotica, NOT an erotica writer. The difference is in the definition, in my case the emphasis is on the writer, not the erotica.

Did I miss out?
 Hardly a week went by, until last year, when I didn't ask myself that question. Could that have been my only chance to get published? I have tried other houses with my award winning e-book Chronicles of Mark Johnson, but nobody is interested. 

Self Published
 There is no shame being classed as Self Published, in fact many big names are coming away from houses and going #indieauthor. One of the main reasons is they feel they get a better profit margin for the hours we put in to our books this way. I thought it would have been nice to have somebody publish my work because it would give the work validation. Now, I realise I don't require that validation. The massive sales of my series
is validation enough. The series hasn't stopped selling in over 16 months, and has earned $200 for me, from over 300 e-book sales.

 At the same time I got the offer, a close friend signed up for HDP. The last time we chatted - two years ago - she told me that despite writing, and being published regularly by the house, she was making more #selfpublishing. Many friends have told me, if you keep asking the question, you know it wasn't right for you. This is true, another reason for turning the offer down was though I can write erotic romances, and enjoy doing so, I doubt I could write only erotica. I still think this was my only chance at being published, but I am glad I turned it down, and I am not so concerned about not being published by a house as I was.

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