Friday, 26 June 2015

Beyond my expectations

I had hopes

Forgestriker sets a new record

 The series has set many sales records over the past 16 months, but none mean more than the main book selling ten copies in a month. This record finally beats the jinx set two and a half years ago by my Amazon best seller Holding Richmond

I hoped one day the record for the monthly sales for one book held by Holding Richmond would fall, but as time went on I dismayed that any book would sell more than 7 copies a month. This month, both Forgestriker, and Sons of Baal look set to beat the record. 

Sales for the series
The series has sold 304 e-books and made $200.94c. I can't thank my readers enough. A little known fact, from Christmas to New Year the series was free to download, and nobody took advantage of the offer :)

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