Friday, 12 June 2015

Another legend passes away

Ornette Coleman

Jazz music
 Yesterday the world of jazz mourned the loss of Ornette Coleman. Back in my days of going to gigs, it was my pleasure to see the great man, and his son Donato, at the Cheltenham jazz festival

 While it was a joy to see Ornette play, the festival was tinged with sadness. A few months later, UK saxophonist Steve Lacy passed away with cancer. Mr. Lacy had given a talk in one of the smaller venues on the history of the soprano sax in jazz music - he was one of the best soprano sax players in the UK at the time of his death. 

Ghosts of jazz
 On the subject of minor venues, one regularly used for jazz gigs was a small bar called the Subtone - now a hair salon - the venue along with other members of the jazz world who passed away feature in my short story  / story centres on the old style atmosphere of the early jazz clubs, and poses some intriguing questions at the end. 
The lone sax
 One of my projects over the next few months is a story of a jazz musician, who longing for a break into the big time keeps playing old-style jazz. His audience keeps growing amid the cacophony of modern jazz, but he remains ill-at-ease, and he finally goes to a festival he had planned to visit years before. Only this time as a guest, not a visitor to the festival, little realising what had happened at the venue he departed from.

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