Thursday, 18 June 2015

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Al's Delights
My on line news sheet  is not only about my work, the contents often cover many issues which I feel are interesting. You might read an item about Warhammer 40K, or your tastes may drift to the issues of LGBT writers. You may wish to browse the Science section, or look a new Indie Author.

While I try not to be too controversial, I am not afraid to put on articles about Disability, as I did a few weeks ago. Some of the articles may offend some of the readers - it is hard to write anything these days - without offending someone it appears. I am sorry if that is the case, my views can be controversial at times; this comes with the territory of being an indie writer with an honest opinion.
I must be doing something right, at the moment the paper has 540 readers, the paper "claims" to have readers on the staff of the New York Times. I believe that as much as I believe the claim No two snowflakes are alike. I cannot prove it isn't read on Wall Street, no more than the people making the claim can prove it is read there. The one thing I can prove is it has a growing readership of on average a dozen people a week.

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