Sunday, 10 May 2015

Will this be the final edition?

Failing interest

390 readers

Al's Delights
With the edited version of my on line paper going on its journey, I look back at the rise of readers with a glow of satisfaction. The paper was originated to help spread the word for writers at The Booktrap. My writing may have died away, but the group has flourished, I wish to thank my friends for making the paper such a success.

Yin and Yang
If you are wondering why I'm considering deleting my profile on this site, and ending what is obviously a popular - and growing more popular - read, it's because I haven't got the interest in writing I once had. It is the Yin-Yang of life, last month I had a record month  This month has been a total bummer, and will probably be my worst on Draft2Digital; I knew the day would come when the sales for Forgestriker would die off, and they have As nothing else sold, I'm left dead in the water. I did plan more Sc-Fi, but the interest and drive to write have gone.

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