Wednesday, 6 May 2015

The last straw

I quit

On my blogs
 After a third month of successive losses - I decided there is no hope left. What is on sale now, is all there will be. I am not putting any more for sale. Why should I? 
I always wondered about the popularity of my posts; many people say they are interesting. I always said people will read anything, as long as it's FREE, I was right. With a lack of sales for my work, IF I do more it will be on my blog, but don't think there will be a lot- I'm so t'd off, I will probably stop writing.

Indie Wars
 If you are wondering what happened to my proposed serialised story - I gave up on the idea - first of all, it is hard to write when you feel unworthy; then I lost interest in writing a 1,000 word (4 page) story each week.

My future
 At the moment, I have no planned works, any I did have are shelved until I decide is it worth going on with my writing.

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