Monday, 18 May 2015

The end of the blog

4 years, and it is over

Concepts of the blog
Basic plan
 Many writers are under the idea that writing a blog will keep your face in view, and will help sell some books. For some it may work, for me it didn't.

When I started the blog, I put my books on Amazon, at the time there was no other large concern available. In the four years since then, my sales have dropped from one a month to one a quarter- if I'm lucky.

Barnes and Noble
 It is only since putting books on Draft2Digital, and selling through Barnes and Noble that the sales picked up, to the extent that even my worst month on D2D is far better than my best on Amazon.

 Anyone who knows me, will tell you I fight my demons on a daily basis, and more often than not, I lose the battle. This situation has led me to my present position. Despite being an award winnning e-book Chronicles of Mark Johnson never sold, neither did its sequel Wharfemere Finale
I enjoyed my writing experiences, and made some good friends, but over the last year I found it hard to believe in my craft. Since I wrote A Sailor's Love I haven't wrote anything worthwhile, and each day I find it harder to write. 

 My only success story, a seven book series which became so popular it sells itself I had planned an omnibus edition, but the latter stories never sold well; even though all the stories in the series out sold my Amazon best sellers.

The killing blow
 I was worried how I'd feel if ASL died a painful death, after spending 14 months writing/ living the story. As I suspected, the lack of response has killed my drive. I no longer feel I can hold the attention of the reader. On this note, I am drawing the curtain on a 50-year old dream. What will I do? I have plenty to read, but that means I cared about someone's work enough to buy their books, if only more e-books had sold I may have been able to hold my demons off longer.

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