Wednesday, 6 May 2015

My finale'

What to be remembered for
Chronicles of Mark Johnson
The stories of one time celebrity photographer Mark Johnson, which meant a lot to me, before the award. But have since died. 
I will write the finale for Mark, the third book in the series WILL be the last one. I mourn the loss of a good man, and a series I thought would be of interest to thinking readers. 

The series about a group of space soldiers fighting to get home, and combating enemies both seen, and unseen is my only real success in four year and a half years. I had planned more stories, but as the later book never took a hold of the readers imagination these books have been shelved. 

Pat Canella
 The series of stories about a tough female PI fighting prejudice, and gangsters; a series which is recommended by a former police sergeant from Queensland, and has ended this week with the release of Haunted by her past.

Old Church ghosts
 The story which became my most popular story remains the bane of my life. Of all the stories I wrote, this is probably the one I like the least.

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