Saturday, 16 May 2015

How do you remember the day?

19 innocent lives taken

Schoolchildren's murders forgotten

 I remember the day well, the news of the massacre of 19 innocent Norwegian children shocked, not only me, but the sane world. Are these innocent lives remembered? Not outside Norway.

Amy Whinehouse
 The day is remembered as the day a two-bit junkie singer(?) committed suicide by drinking getting five time the lethal limit of alcohol. Her life is to be reviewed in a new film- she was only 23 - what life did she have? 

 What is wrong with this scenario? People will remember the saddest day in recent Norwegian history for the wrong reasons. How cares if she committed suicide? That is a life choice, she had a life, and gave it away to drugs, and booze. Who knows what the innocent children would have contributed to society? Certainly more than the screeching voice of a drug fuelled junkie.

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