Saturday, 2 May 2015

Drug addiction

I was an addict

Admitting the problem
 You may be surprised to read I was once a junkie. I was addicted to one one of the most addictive substances known- coffee. 
 It's true, at one time I was main-lining caffeine; I could drink up to eight cups an hour, a strange thought now, when I often go all day on one cup. What must I have been like to live with? 

Court case
 The addictive nature of coffee wasn't highlighted until the late 1970's, when a British Army officer shot his batman for not getting his coffee ready on time.

For the last month, I have been doing an experiment for my friend, Julia. I was asked not to drink after 12:00 pm to see if I had any effects. 
I have had deeper, and longer sleeping periods with dreams which are more pastoral in nature, than my usual weird dreams. I often wondered were my weird science stories such as Chronicles of Mark Johnson a product of an active imagination, or fuelled by caffeine. 

 Another sleep help is eating cheese before I go to bed. Despite my total disbelief in Mythbusters, this is has been proved to be correct. Eating some cheese releases chemicals which enhance sleep.

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