Wednesday, 6 May 2015

An error of judgement

Desperate measures

Google books

Pat Canella
 Last month out of desperation for a new sales branch I enlisted my books on Google books. After a couple of sales for my PI series about Pat Canella my hopes rose-these were the first sales in over three years.
Last night I was asked how do you track your sales by a friend? 
Today I tried to get some sales information on my books, all I got was an error 500 message saying they couldn't locate my books. 
On Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo all I need do is log in to my author page, and the information is there. On Google, after 10 minutes searching I was still at a loss as to how to find a way to track sales. 

Denny Chin
Two night ago, I exposed a fraud which could have cost my friends a lot of money, for nothing. After a little researching I came across this article about Google books, and why they might not be as good as I thought  I have a rep for being a conspiracy theorist and seeing ghosts where none exist, it can pay to be a skeptic. I have been approached by many people/firms asking where to get my work/ wanting to publish my books. None have proven true to their word. 
My philosophy now is Don't ask, as I don't believe you.
I realise there are many genuine people, but I keep coming across a lot of scams. I came across one in a magazine called Suspense, this magazine is endorsed by an on line magazine I used to write for, so I thought it was legit-it wasn't. Over the years I joined lots of sites purporting to help sell books, and the only one which has had a big impact is Draft2Digital.

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