Sunday, 3 May 2015

A year ago

Beating my demons
Last year, after fighting my phobia of speaking in public since my college days;I gave the only public reading of Forgestriker. The book which has since become my best seller was only beginning to sell at Draft2Digital, but had already passed the sales of my Amazon best seller - Holding Richmond, and hasn't stopped selling in the last year. 

Kangaroo courts
 What happened in the weeks after can only be described as a lynch mob turning into a kangaroo court. I was ejected from the group, on the false assumptions made by someone who didn't know me. Yet, because he ran the club, everyone took his word as Law. Nobody waited to hear my side of the events; I was told not to turn up again by email.

 There is no direct link between my ejection and the group folding in 6 months, but when you only have 12 people willing to read stories, and you eject one. It doesn't bode well for the group. In the year since my reading,the group moved venues, then folded, and the venue has since stopped doing live events. The restaurant which hosted the events has closed. 

My health
 Other than the fact that with declining health I needed to pick my trips carefully. There was the financial aspect to consider, as I don't go out a lot I had to pay bus fares into town to go to the reading; I had to pay for something to eat as I would be back late, and I had to wait over an hour before the event, which didn't help my leg injury. All in all, I was on the point of leaving, when I got ejected. 

Award winner

 What has become of me since I left? The series has gone on to be a huge success story for me ,and my writing has improved with each story I write 

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