Friday, 1 May 2015

A record month


Chronicles of Mark Johnson

A record month
 April has ended, and what an end for my books! I had a month beyond my expectations in March, and beat it again last month. Although I didn't quite get $20 in March. "I was close enough for jazz," as the saying goes :) 
Last month, I did pass the $20 mark, so, I'm calling it back-to-back $20 months.
I would love to get a threepeat, but being a realist, my aim is for 10 sales in the month-despite constantly getting more this year. Google did help by boosting sales of the Pat Canella stories, / , and a few ghost stories.
 Two and a half years ago, Chronicles of Mark Johnson won the award shown above. This month, I was approached by a publishing house in Seattle with the option of getting the stories in print, rather than e-book. I still hold out hopes of getting the money to send the award winning series to in Wisconsin. These people are the people who first published the stories of H.P. Lovecraft, to whom some of my stories have been likened. 

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