Saturday, 18 April 2015

Why did I do it?

Was it a subliminal choice?

Lost souls not ghosts
 Although many people class me as a ghost story writer - I don't class my stories as ghost stories - why?

To me, the classification Ghost story usually tells the reader- be prepared to be scared - as yet I have written only two true ghost stories. One story appears in Sea Ghosts , and is a fictional story of the life of the Yorkshire pirate, John Andrew. This story came third in a Facebook writing contest in 2012. I did plan on writing a longer, scarier version of this story, but it got benched.

The other story is my adult version of the popular Old Church ghosts , the original version is available from me, in this collection of the three published editions,or from the children's charity books I write for If you buy from the charity version - none of the artists/editors, or writers see a dime - all the money goes to charity as this post shows There is also a copy of my original, and previously unpublished version available

My stories are more about lost souls trying to find a way across the veil between life and death - than to scare you. If I was to classify my stories, I would class them as stories involving Spirituality.

Concepts of thought
 My friend, and editor, Julia and I chat about a lot of things - not book related. Julia studied Neurosciences at Harvard, and Science fascinates me, so, we tend to have long discussions on why things happen, and why people think the way they do. I wonder what drew me to science, rather than art? I am no good with my hands. Music was out of the question too, I am tone deaf, and lack digital dexterity - even more so now. 
Was there something in my neural pathway which pushed me to the Sciences? My Science teacher at school said Physics was my strongest subject - I never realised that it was until a few years ago - when I read some old school reports.

 Do I believe in the afterlife? Most definitely. Without going into high science Vs Theology. My view is life is energy, energy cannot be destroyed, but changes form. As boiled what turns to steam, and back into water on contact with a colder surface. 
Do I believe in contact with the other side? Yes, definitely. I realise this will leave me open to ridicule by a lot of people, but consider this. Neuroscience is based on the brain wave patterns, like radio waves these can be tuned into - if you are open to it - I have had two out-of-body experiences, and over Christmas 2013 I had three near-death experiences .  I have had many experiences which have led me to believe I have a guardian angel watching me. I know this sounds crazy, but I believe it. I wrote about some of my experiences on one site, friends were so scared they asked me to write a book about the experiences. I told them, it is one thing to read about people having these experiences, and to know a person who had been there, adds a new scariness. After the events of 2013 - which came at the end of a series of health scares - I began to look at life differently.
I realise there are a lot of charlatans "claiming" to be able to contact the other world. At the same time, there are people with the genuine ability to tune in to the other side, as the lady in my story does . This is a fictional spiritual story based on researched facts. During the mid-1970's there were lots of such sightings of USAAF airmen walking around the sites of former air bases in the UK. A lot of people pour scorn on these ideas because they cannot understand them. Think of the other side as a wireless, if you're off station all you hear is "White Noise." Nothing more than crackles, and hisses, but as you tune in to the station. The crackles fade, and voices/music can be heard. If it works for a wireless, why not our minds? Like many stories, I had plans for an extended version, but canned the idea.

 Was I drawn to the Sciences? I cannot say for sure, but I do have an inquisitive mind. This could be a reason my work is highly respected, and starting to sell well. I cannot say why I chose to write spiritual stories, it may have come from some deep area of my subliminal mind. I do enjoy the science aspects of as much as the dry humour of the show, and to a certain degree, I understand it. 

 A usual source of inspiration comes from reading, and while I admit to reading - and being fascinated by - science books, most of my reading until recently was Military History. I have had work likened to Edgar Allan Poe, Sheridan Lefanu, and H.P.Lovecraft, and yet I haven't read their work. The closest I came was seeing the films based on Poe's work on TV, and last month I started to read Carmilla by Sheridan Lefanu. This vampire story pre-dates Bram Stoker's Dracula by 20 years, and Mr. Stoker gives credit to it in his preface.
 A constant amazement to me is the hit series Forgestriker, which even after 14 months on sale shows no signs of dying off at Barnes & Noble. One reason for my amazement is I have read very little Science Fiction. Another reason is I never thought I would sell on this market, most of the outlets are in higher education establishments.

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