Sunday, 5 April 2015

Upcoming events


I don't do many on line events,mainly because a few years ago I tried to help a group of writers for 5 Princes Publishing House, and never got thanked for the promotion I gave them. Another reason is until recently - very few, if any - of the people I offered my free help to, gave me any help, that type of reaction turns you off helping others. 

 I never asked for payment, only a mention in the blogs, to many that was too much to do. 

The Booktrap
 Members of will be attending these events , at the Project Butterfly event, I have an hour time slot, if you wish to drop in for a chat please do. The other event is a mystery to me; there are over 200 interested parties, so, I have no idea what will happen other than if I am on I'll be talking about my upcoming fantasy story Mordhiemicus. The story is an extended version of my acclaimed short story To Elfenmere / / To Elfenmere recently reached the top 100 in the Historical Fiction genre on

Don't forget to check in the online newsletter, the midweek update is due out tonight 

 I will not be at the fantasy event; I did think it highly unlikely with over 200 people responding. Don't forget to check me out at Kelli's Project Mayhem event though.

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