Tuesday, 7 April 2015

The Indie Wars concepts

The blending of ideas

 The idea first formed when I saw the rise of video games, the decline of reading, and the basic lack of grammar / writing skills of most modern teenagers caused by the overuse of street slang, and Twitterisms. 

The Word
 This section of the story deals with a group called "The Word," and their struggles to win back the minds of the young from the "Game Lords." Game Lords are a group of people, who entice young people with new games before they go on sale; extra credit is earned for turning in people who read.
In the Game Lords, there are various sections such as the "Firemen," whose job it is to burn all the books. Inside the Game Lords are various underground groups such as the "Wing Riders," who dwell on the fringes, the Riders see the benefits of both views, and try to keep the peace.
On the other end of the scale are the "Sand Demons," these creatures are a mix of man & machine, and are feared by all - they have no rules, except their own - the night belongs to them, don't get caught in the desert after curfew- there won't be anything left to bury. 

The Indie and the Stranger
This concept is about a man who tries to keep indie writers writing by spreading their work - even though capture means death - the major firms control who gets seem,but he's working from within to bring new writers to the public. Will he succeed, or will he be discovered?

The Lost Writers
 This idea centres on the discovery of an old building, a building previously not logged into the on line mapping facilities. What lies hidden behind the long closed doors? 

The whole idea
 This was to be a book, but I thought the concept too large to attempt.  The original on line serial ran for 14 weeks, three years ago, before I halted it. The story was far from over, but at the time I was writing as many pages as I had readers a week (7).

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