Wednesday, 15 April 2015

The Hail Mary

Beyond a joke


It's the last minute of the game; we trail by 7pts. We have one last hope, no FB/RB cover- 5 receivers going long, and a TE on the marker. Here comes the snap, the QB looks up, takes a glance, and throws. The rest, I leave to your imagination. 

If you wonder what that was about, I received an invite to apply for a job on Elance as a Social Media manager. The invite said they saw something in me, yer, a mug. The odds are to small to even consider (512-1), most will be from Asia working for less than $1 an hour, and the rest will have at least college education. Me, all I have is a knack for making copy/paste look impressive, and a vivid imagination.

If you think I should have applied, consider this. Firstly, if over 500 people applied-how many invited got sent? This makes the "We liked what we saw in you," lame beyond a joke. 
In the stats on where the jobs go, if I remember correctly - I don't use the site often - for obvious reasons. The list of countries goes.
Philippines- USA- India - Pakistan- Thailand- Canada-France- Belgium-Germany- UK. So, even if I did apply, against cheap Asian writers, and so far down the list of countries, there is NO chance of even being seen.

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